In-house Training  - Drugs and Alcohol Training

The following drug and alcohol training courses are being delivered online to teams via Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Webex. Please enquire for details and costs.

All courses can be tailored and adapted to your service and staff training needs.

The courses are also open to workers new to this line of work and are suitable for people who may need to develop their knowledge in this area.

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Drug Awareness Training

This is a general drug awareness training course and offers an introduction into basic working methods and interventions and the different types of commonly used illegal drugs.

Drug Awareness

Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS)

A one day course covering most recent former legal highs including mephedrone and similar analogues. The course also covers what interventions are effective for problematic users.

NPS Course

Drug & Alcohol Training Level 1

This one day knowledge-based course will look at alcohol and the different types of illegal drugs that are commonly used and the issues surrounding them.

Level 1

Drug & Alcohol Training Level 2

This course will provide workers with strategies that they can use to help clients engage with drug and alcohol treatment services.

Level 2

Drugs & Young People

This course will help workers understand the types of drugs and alcohol young people use, why they use them, and current trends.

Drugs / Young People

Hidden Harm

A one day course focusing on hidden harm and related issues.

Hidden Harm

Skunk & Spice (Cannabis & Synthetic Cannabinoids) 

A one day course on cannabis and synthetic cannabinoids. The course covers the different forms of cannabis and synthetic cannabinoids, together with health and psychiatric issues, appropriate interventions/treatments.

Skunk & Spice

MDMA (Ecstasy)

A one day MDMA (Ecstasy) training course. The course covers history of Ecstasy, different types of Ecstasy, how ecstasy works, harm reduction, health and psychiatric implications.

MDMA Course


A one or two day knowledge-based course on cannabis. This course breaks down different strains, looks at patterns of use, effects on health and mental health and treatment for those experiencing problems.

Cannabis Course


A one day course. Covers the history of Ketamine, different types, how Ketamine works on the brain and body, health, psychiatric issues and effective treatment.

Ketamine Course

Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs

This is a one day course on anabolic steroids and other performance and image enhancing drugs.

PIEDS Course


A one or two day course focusing on specific interventions, health, psychiatric issues, appropriate treatment and effective ways of working with this client group.

Cocaine Training


A one day course. The focus is on methamphetamine (crystal meth), how it works, different types, health and how to engage users.



This one day Chemsex training course aims to give participants the confidence, knowledge and skills in order to deliver effective interventions and support for this subgroup.

Chemsex Training


A one or two day course focusing on specific interventions for stimulant users in general. The main stimulants covered are crack, cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine and ecstasy.

Stimulant Training

Cocaine & Heroin

A two day course focusing on the relationship between crack and heroin, appropriate treatment and ways of working with this client group.

Cocaine / Heroin


A one day course focusing on ITEP Mapping and how to implement this into recovery-orientated care planning. Participants can be from a variety of services or new to the field.

ITEP Course

Dual Diagnosis

This is a one day course in dual diagnosis for non-opiate users. This course aims to provide core information on how drugs, alcohol and mental health issues interrelate.

Dual Diagnosis

Psycho-Social Interventions

A two day course on Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and ITEP Mapping.


Target Audience

All drug and alcohol courses are suitable for services and individuals who come into contact with clients who have drug & alcohol issues. One day courses are also open to staff who are new to this area of work and who may need to develop their knowledge of drugs & alcohol.

Staff who would benefit from the training include:

Drug / Recovery Workers & Managers, Social Workers, Health / Mental Health Workers, Nurses & GPs, Psychiatrist, Youth Workers, Anti-Social Behaviour Workers, Youth Offending Teams, Probation Staff, Prison Staff, Teachers, University Staff, Student Unions, Housing Workers, Community Wardens, Police Community Support Officers and Police Officers.

All courses are mapped to current drug & alcohol national occupational standards (DANOS), and bespoke training packages are available on request. On successful completion of a course staff will have lifetime access to online resources.

Please enquire for costs

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“I attended training yesterday at the Marriot Centre which was led by TD Consultancy. I was exceptionally impressed with what the trainer delivered and how – they gave history, science, practice issues, … they brought the drug and the user/worker alive. I chatted with others on the course and they all felt the same as me – they felt that they had really learnt and that the knowledge they had would help immensely in their practice.” Deborah Gihawi MSc, PGDEd, BSc (Hons) DipSW, YMCA Central, NORWICH

“I have known Tony for around 20 years, while I was employed at the Blenheim Project. We trained together and delivered relapse prevention workshops and while I worked at The Beresford Project he was invited to train the team.” Warren James, Health Care Professional at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust

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