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Target Audience

Courses are suitable for services and individuals who come into contact with clients who have drug & alcohol issues. One day courses are also open to staff who are new to this area of work and who may need to develop their knowledge of drugs & alcohol.


Staff who would benefit from the training include:

Drug / Recovery Workers & Managers, Social Workers, Health / Mental Health Workers, Nurses & GPs, Psychiatrist, Youth Workers, Anti-Social Behaviour Workers, Youth Offending Teams, Probation Staff, Prison Staff, Teachers, University Staff, Student Unions, Housing Workers, Community Wardens, Police Community Support Officers and Police Officers.

All courses are mapped to current drug & alcohol national occupational standards (DANOS), and bespoke training packages are available on request.

Clients include:

Drug and Alcohol Service Providers, St Martins of the Tours Forensic Mental Health, London Borough of Sutton, London Borough of Merton, Public Health Wandsworth, Public Health Wokingham, Sutton Metropolitan Police, East Berkshire DAAT, Norfolk DAAT, Buckingham County Council, Buckinghamshire DAAT, News UK, SCAA – Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority, Drug & Alcohol Action Teams, Public Health England  – PHE, Home Office, NOMS – Ministry of Justice , NHS – GPs, Nurses, Consultant Psychiatrists, Housing Associations, National Advertising Benevolent Society NABS, Social Services, Police, Probation and Prison Services, Kings College London, Imperial College London, Winchester University and Nottingham University.


“TD Consultancy delivered several trainings at my work and found the trainer to be engaging, insightful and incredibly well versed! We all walked away with tremendous amounts of information and with things to think about. The trainer was really personable and catered to a group setting with different knowledge levels. I wish we had more sessions!” Amanda Cowan, Group Worker

“I attended training yesterday at the Marriot Centre which was led by TD Consultancy. I was exceptionally impressed with what the trainer delivered and how – they gave history, science, practice issues, … they brought the drug and the user/worker alive. I chatted with others on the course and they all felt the same as me – they felt that they had really learnt and that the knowledge they had would help immensely in their practice.” Deborah Gihawi MSc, PGDEd, BSc (Hons) DipSW, YMCA Central, NORWICH

“I have known Tony for around 20 years, while I was employed at the Blenheim Project. We trained together and delivered relapse prevention workshops and while I worked at The Beresford Project he was invited to train the team.” Warren James, Health Care Professional at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust

We are a team of 5, who support year 7 to 6th form with all levels and areas of mentoring and 1st aid, in a large Academy just outside of Slough, joining us in the training a few SEN staff and teachers. The training was extremely well received and all who took part were fully engaged right up until the end. Tony showed that he was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and this made the day interesting, with a few areas where we could engage in scenarios as well. Tony`s delivery was in tune with the teams needs and although it’s a serious subject, we were able to have some laughs as well.