Drug Awareness Training Course – Online & Face-To-Face

Drug Awareness Training Course

This face-to-face & online drug awareness training course is suitable for teams

No pre-recordings, delivered live by Tony D’Agostino via Zoom or Microsoft Teams

Includes lifetime access to online resources and certificate

The online drug awareness training course covers different types of commonly used illegal drugs (includes alcohol)

The course can be tailored to your needs.

The drug awareness course provides a comprehensive understanding of drugs and alcohol, their effects on the human body, the signs and symptoms of substance use, and the necessary interventions for treating drug and alcohol dependency. The course is designed to equip frontline workers with the necessary knowledge and skills to better understand and deal with drug and alcohol-related issues that they might encounter in their line of work.

Course Outline

Current UK situation

Different types of drugs and routes of use

Signs and symptoms

Health and mental health implications

Effective support & treatment

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“We found the online Drug Awareness Training Course to be highly informative and engaging. Our team felt the course to be very interesting and enjoyed the range of discussion bought on during the course as well as a (not competitive in any way) team quiz which focused on misconceptions/myths of certain drugs. Tony was a clearly knowledgeable trainer who was happy to go into more depth and answer any questions bought up.”  


Aims and objectives

Increase knowledge and awareness of the issues relating to illegal drug use

Increase knowledge of how drugs are used and the effects upon individual’s physiology and neurology

Understand the possible affects on health

Identify, signpost and refer people who are effected by drugs into specialist treatment services

Key messages for participants:

Increase confidence in working with this client group

Name commonly used illicit drugs, understand the effects of drugs upon emotional and physical health, identify potential vulnerabilities and/or risk behaviours.

Increase competence in working with this client group

Respond effectively using evidence-based interventions and treatment tools to work with individual drug users symptoms / issues. List referral routes and describe the range of service provision on offer.

Target audience

This online drug awareness training course is aimed at services that may come into contact with individuals with drug problems. It is also open to workers new to this area of work and is suitable for people who may need to develop their knowledge of drugs.

Staff who would benefit from the training include:

Drug / Recovery Workers & Managers, Social Workers, Health / Mental Health Workers, Nurses & GPs, Psychiatrist, Youth Workers, Anti-Social Behaviour Workers, Youth Offending Teams, Probation Staff, Prison Staff, Teachers, University Staff, Student Unions, Housing Workers, Community Wardens, Police Community Support Officers and Police Officers.

Drug and alcohol national occupational standards

AA1 Recognise indications of substance misuse and refer individuals to specialists

HSC233 Relate to, and interact with, individuals

HSC3111 Promote the equality, diversity, rights and responsibilities of individuals

AB2 Support individuals who are substance users.

HSC33 Develop your own knowledge and practice

AD1 Raise awareness about substances, their use and effects

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