Drug & Alcohol Courses

Drug & Alcohol Training - TD Consultancy Courses.

A range of drug & alcohol courses can be delivered across the UK at a venue of your choice.

Drug Awareness Training

This is a general drug awareness training course and offers an introduction into basic working methods and interventions and the different types of commonly used illegal drugs.

Drug Awareness Training

Legal Highs / Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS)

A one day course covering most recent legal highs including the now illegal drug mephedrone and similar analogues. The course also covers what interventions are effective for problematic users.

Legal Highs

Drug & Alcohol Training Level 1

This one day knowledge-based course will look at alcohol and the different types of illegal drugs that are commonly used and the issues surrounding them.

Drugs & Alcohol Level 1

Drug & Alcohol Training Level 2

This course will provide workers with strategies that they can use to help clients engage with drug and alcohol treatment services.

Drugs & Alcohol Level 2

Drugs & Young People

This course will help workers understand the types of drugs and alcohol young people use, why they use them, and current trends.

Drugs & Young People

Hidden Harm

A one day course focusing on hidden harm and related issues.

Hidden Harm