Digital Parenting Training Course 

Course description

This one-day digital parenting course aims to showcase good practice and issues regarding young people’s welfare, safety and development in the digital world. The course covers sexting, cyberbullying, online grooming and ‘on the ground’ issues for practitioners, parents and carers. 

The digital world provides children and young people with continuous opportunities for learning and discovery, but also increasing threats to their wellbeing and safety. This course attempts to explore this in greater detail and identifies the risk and protective factors that need to be in place to safeguard children and young people online. 

Digital Parenting Training

Aims and objectives

  • Understanding the benefits and challenges of the online world

  • Understanding your child’s digital identity including the role of the practitioner, parent and carer

  • Identifying risk and harm

  • Increasing protective factors

  • Developing digital resilience 

Digital Parenting Training


  • Discussion on ‘Born Digital’ & ‘Raised Social’

  • Overview of existing policy on online safety 

  • Social media & the online world (apps) 

  • Cyberbullying & online grooming

  • Gaming, sexting & pornography 

  • Drugs & the digital world 

  • Digital wellbeing and understanding ‘digital resilience’ 

National occupational standards

Day One:

  • HSC233 Relate to, and interact with, individuals.

  • HSC3111 Promote the equality, diversity, rights and responsibilities of individuals.

  • HSC33 Develop your own knowledge and practice.