Parental Drug Misuse Training – London, October 2018

Parental Drug Misuse / Hidden Harm

Being delivered on:

Tuesday, 23rd of October, 2018

Location: St Martin of Tours
318-320 St Paul’s Road
London N1 2LF

Costs: £130 £99 per person

Lunch and refreshments provided.
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This course is being delivered jointly by Tony D’Agostino & Emma Bond (MA), Consultant.


Course description

New figures indicate that approximately 3.4 million children in the UK live with at least one binge drinking parent, 2.6 million live with a hazardous drinker and around 1 million live with a parent who uses illicit drugs.


• Overview of substances (includes alcohol, crack, heroin and commonly used NPS)

• Impact of drugs on families

• Implications for children

• Provision of need for children – asking the right questions

• Assessing the impact of drugs on parenting capacity

• Risk Factors

• Protective factors, treatment, support and making appropriate referrals

Aim & Objectives

To increase knowledge and awareness of parental drug misuse

• To improved confidence in identifying and dealing with cases of hidden harm

• Understanding responsibilities when working with a parent / s who use drugs / alcohol

• Identifying risk and assess the impact drugs and alcohol can have on parenting capacity

• Increase protective factors for parents and children

• Improved knowledge of signposting routes to help address identified hidden harm


The course will be accompanied by an online training package and certificate on completion of the training.


National Occupational Standards: Units covered and supported

AA1 Recognise indications of substance misuse and refer individuals to specialists

HSC233 Relate to, and interact with, individuals

HSC3111 Promote the equality, diversity, rights and responsibilities of individuals

HSC33 Develop your own knowledge and practice