Off the Concrete

Off The Concrete

Off The Concrete was a collaborative work which was initially funded in 2015 by Buckinghamshire County Council.

The project is about the homeless and is filmed and narrated by the homeless.


The Bucks Service User Consultation 2015 identified that users outsides services found drug and related services easy to access, that waiting lists were not a problem and services had a good knowledge of most drugs. So what was stopping these users accessing services?

All names, faces, voices and distinguishable features were not changed or hidden when filming, or in editing, this is the way participants wanted it. They all specifically stated that they did not want to hide their faces or names.


‘Off The Concrete’ was a series of short video clips, shot on ‘low tech’ mobile phones and an inexpensive camcorder. The project depicted the lifestyles and the day-to-day routine of 5 homeless people taking mephedrone in Aylesbury. It was filmed over a period of 8 weeks from September to October 2015.

Jim has decided to take the project on himself and has successfully enrolled on a film making course.

History of Mephedrone