Free Mephedrone & NPS Handbook

NPS training

The Mephedrone Handbook is intended as a guide for drug workers and other professionals working with mephedrone users. It also includes a section that focuses on novel psychoactive substances (NPS), the chemical families these compounds belong to, and the appropriate treatment response that could be tailored for people who experience problems with these drugs.

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This handbook was written by Tony D’Agostino and would not have been possible without the cooperation and assistance of a number of people: I am grateful to Huseyin Djemil and Lee Scrafton from Buckinghamshire DAAT for their invaluable assistance and guidance and all the local managers, workers and users for their feedback and support.

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The information in this pack was taken from a variety of sources and written from a drug workers perspective. It is not meant to be a definitive document and the author would advise that information be constantly checked as it can become out-of-date very quickly.