Featured Training

Alcohol IBA Training

Alcohol IBA

Alcohol identification & brief advice training


This one day training course on Chemsex is being delivered in London
Drugs & Alcohol

Drugs & Alcohol

Drug & alcohol courses can be delivered across the UK

Stimulant Training


Courses on stimulant drugs can be delivered at a venue of your choice
Psychosocial Interventions

Psycho-Social Interventions

A range of psycho-social intervention courses are available
Drug Specific Courses

Drug Specific Courses

Drug specific courses can be delivered across the UK

What people think

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I attended training yesterday which was led by TD Consultancy. I was exceptionally impressed with what the trainer delivered, they brought the drug and the user/worker alive.
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TD Consultancy delivered several trainings at my work and found the trainer to be engaging, insightful and incredibly well versed! We all walked away with tremendous amounts of information and with things to think about.
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I have known Tony for around 20 years, while I was employed at the Blenheim Project. We delivered relapse prevention workshops and while I worked at The Beresford Project he was invited to train the team.

TD Consultancy

Drug Consultancy

TD Consultancy has extensive experience in delivering needs analysis and service user consultations throughout the UK.

  • We support Local Authorities, DAATs, Public Health, police, the private sector and drug and related services to achieve a deeper level of knowledge, clarity and understanding of substance misuse, homelessness, novel psychoactive substances (NPS) and other social and health related issues

  • We help drug and alcohol providers improve their services, maintain the quality of their workforce and help them meet their local KPIs. We provide clear recommendations, action plans, treatment tools, strategies and ongoing coaching and support to improve services and the health and wellbeing of users, families, carers and communities

Our Process

1. Research

We conduct needs assessments through consultations with all stakeholders (users, workers, managers and commissioners).

As an output we produce a report including key findings, list of recommendations for each stakeholder group and actions.

2. Local strategy

We produce a coherent strategy outlining what is available for users and ensuring clear pathways and working protocols.

3. Tailored training packages

The needs/gaps identified through the analysis will determine the scope and the content of relevant training.

4. Ongoing Support

Up to date info/coaching and mentoring


  • Improve ability to achieve local KPIs

  • Maintain quality assurance

  • Ability to manage contracts more effectively

  • Access to a reliable source of up-to-date and accurate information, specific interventions and treatment tools for professionals working with substance users

  • Improving the health and wellbeing of substance users and the impact on families and communities

  • Access to online resources and free access to crowdsourcing platform 

  • Ongoing access to an experienced team